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We are designers. We design new businesses

Who are we?

Imaginif is a leading European retail and brand design studio. Founded in 1989 and located in Brussels & Jakarta.

As envisaged by Jean-Pierre Bobbaers "We operate as Omni Architects".

We believe in one (unique) cross channel brand identity. We are an international team of experienced designers with a background in brand and retail strategy, product design, architecture, technology, brand building, communication and social media.

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What do we do?

We analyze consumer behavior and transform consumer experiences.

We blend consumer strategy, interior design, architecture, branding, communication, graphic design, social media and technology to help build brands, retail brands and create new businesses.

Our primary goal is to build strong brand awareness and preference leading to an increase of turnover and profitability.

Our services

Who do we work with?

Our "best-fit" are entrepreneurs with challenging idea's, the decision makers of brands or traditional retailers that understand "change" in the retail, leisure, service and the "making" industries.

We additionally provide high-level 3D design visualization services for in-house design departments, architects and real estate developers.

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New Businesses Idea ? As our (retail) world changes, the challenges to business grow. Old ways of thinking are being replaced by open minds and creativity. Design is playing a central role in helping solve problems and drive the future. That is why IMAGINIF developed an integrated approach to start a new business from scratch. ARCHITECTURE We help your construction architect and engineers turn your building and facade into an attractive commercial environment that inspires and attracts consumers. Our architects mastermind every aspect of building and signage regulations for maximum impact to sell your product or services and support your brand image in a unique way.
Store Design IMAGINIF's roots (since 1989) are in retail. We create successful store concepts worldwide, grounded in the in-depth analysis of evolving consumer behaviour. Linking the online world, website and social media with the "in-store experience" and vice versa. We call this the Hybrid Store.
BRANDING Control your brand's positioning by developing your brand's personality, corporate image, logo design and development, tagline, and brand recognition.

GRAPHIC DESIGN We create an unique visual and graphical language for every client. We enable businesses to project their unique identities across the borders of culture and language. Social Media No matter how Customers they connect with you they expect a total experience. IMAGINIF are Omni Channel architects developing online strategies and designs for brands and retailers.

In-Store Communication Today’s shoppers have to make more and more choices in less and less time. They need effective in-store communication to help them make those choices. Simultaneously we create mood setting environments that create consumer preference and deliver success. Signage & Wayfinding Helping customers navigate stores is fundamental to alleviating consumer stress. IMAGINIF has a strong history of managing wayfinding and signage projects with a huge knowledge of consumer behaviour, store communication and brand building.