Who are we?

Imaginif is a leading European strategic design agency. Founded in 1989 and located in Brussels, Paris & Jakarta. Our roots is retail. We evolved towards a visionary design agency creating a large range of commercial concepts.

As envisaged by Jean-Pierre Bobbaers "We operate as Omni Architects".

We are an international team of experienced creatives and designers with a background in retail strategy, product design, architecture, technology, brand building, communication and social media.

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What do we do?

We invent and (re) design environments. Stores, buildings, old factories, churches....
We give them a function associated with products and services that answer tomorrows society needs.

How: we analyze consumer behavior and transform consumer experiences. We blend business models, finance, strategy, architecture, interior design, branding, communication, graphic design, social media and technology. One cook in the kitchen tastes better.

Our primary goal is to build profitable concepts and businesses that focus on increase of turnover and profitability.

Design is not how it looks, but how it works ~ Steve Jobs

Our services

Who do we work with?

Our "best-fit" are the decision makers of brands or traditional retailers that understand "change" in the retail, leisure, service and the "making" industries.

Real Estate owners or developers that are looking for new concepts for the future.

Govermental Organisations that look for new answers to deal with tomorrows society needs. Challenges towards, mobility, housing, working, shopping...

Entrepreneurs with a start-up in the "Making" industry that want to scale to a next level. 


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