Jean-Pierre Bobbaers Founder and Owner

The 'Omni-Architect'. Interior & Industrial designer from Brussels & Helsinki University. A consumer strategist with extensive experience in design, retail analysis, business models, knowledge of technology, digital marketing and online strategy. Brussels is his habitat, he travels for work and enjoys encountering different cultures wherever possible. Jean-Pierre just got back from a mission in Bali - Indonesia and is currently in Brussels. (feb 2018)
An 'ENTP' personality type. (MBTI) - 

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Languages: Dutch - English - French - German - Danish (notions)

Luc Vandermeeren Creative Director -

A true cross-disciplinary creative with key strengths in Branding, Identity and Store Branding. An expert in communication and the graphic arts. He is the creative powerhouse in the Imaginif universe. Living (and running)  in Halle, with a consuming passion for painting and engaging with art and design at all levels and modalities.

Languages: Dutch - English - French


Dian Effendy Graphic & Video Designer

Graduated Graphic Design form Bandung Institute of Technology, a devoted fan of Black Sabbath and rock music. Next to Indonesian histories and culture studies, he travels to learn. Actually he is planning his second trip to European in the summer. Wears his own created fashion brand Wanara most of the time in Jakarta. Knows his Mac and software when he is active in experimental design.

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia - English

Cindy Tandry Girl Friday

Our "go to" girl. A 'jack of all trades', she is capable of doing almost anything; a girl were we can count on. Graduated with Honors in Economics at the Methodist University of Indonesia. Excellent online skills - she can find anything (if it is on the net :-). Superfoods addict next to a warm heart for animals and the environment. If you are lucky, you can see her every morning running on the beautiful beaches of Bali.

Bahasa Indonesia - English - Chinese (Simplified)

Filip Prpic Civil Engineer

Filip is an architectural technician and Civil Engineer of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek in Croatia. He has 7+ years experience in AutoCad drawings, 5+ years in SketchUp and a few years in 3DS max. He is our specialist in conceptual thinking, professional excecuted drawings and rederings. He is also very well informed with blockchain technology (he is a miner).

He joined Jean-Pierre last year for a week in Paris to assist in the Classic Car Campus  project.

Languages: Croatian - English


An architect graduated from Belgrade University, with a master’s degree in architectural constructions. Proficient in CAAD software and 3D modeling. Enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures, and has a working experience from various countries, like Ghana and Indonesia to name a few. Likes to read books and gathers peculiar useful/useless facts. He joined Jean-Pierre for a 3 month mission in Jakarta working on location on the Houbii project.


Languages: Serbian - English - German (basic)

David Mcclairley Story Teller - Creative

Discovered Imaginif in 2001 with a subsequent career in the creative industries spanning two decades in London, Paris and Brussels. Provides Imaginif with copy-writing, image creation and conceptual development ( aka sparring with Jean-Pierre) He has recently completed a masters program in Psychology centering on compulsive behaviour.

Languages: English - French

Elena Sánchez Cifuentes Interior designer

A graduate of the Bau Design College of Barcelona and Saint Luc Arts School Brussels. Her mediterranean background in design and conceptual frame working challenges and provokes the northern European orthodoxy and provides a bridgehead between north and south sensibilities.

Languages: Spanish -  French - English - Dutch


Ahmed Foula Architect - Designer

Born in Alexandria, Egypt. He graduated from Architecture department, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, in 2001. Since 2003, he's been working as a designer. Based in Montreal, Canada. He also assist in our Arabic language projects. Essential to informing Imaginif's cross-cultural expertise, he is also the founder of the 'Diqqa'  project developing Arabic e-content and Arabic software, websites and mobile apps worldwide.

Languages: Arabic - English - French


Nicolas Zęgota Interior Designer

Nicolas is a graduate student at LUCA School of Arts the only college in Flanders exclusively dedicated to art and architecture. Amazing drawing skills, the son of a Brussels mother and Polish father, he has a unique way of connecting with all people. He helps us with new concepts , technology, drawings and design.

Languages: French - Dutch - English - Polish