new business ideas As our (retail) world changes, the challenges to business grow. That is why IMAGINIF developed an integrated approach to start a new business from scratch. We help design it: the business model, (domain) name, logo, branding, architecture, interior design & online presence. The result is better, faster and more cost efficient. Commercial Architecture We help your construction architect and engineers turn your building and facade into an attractive commercial environment that inspires and attracts consumers. Our architects mastermind every aspect of building and signage regulations for maximum impact to sell your product or services and support your brand image in a unique way.
Store Design IMAGINIF's roots (since 1989) are in retail. We create successful store concepts worldwide, grounded in the in-depth analysis of evolving consumer behaviour. Linking the online world, website and social media with the "in-store experience" and vice versa. We call this the Hybrid Store.
retail branding Retailers become Brands and Brands become Retailers. Control your brand's positioning by developing your brand's personality, corporate image, logo design and development, tagline, and brand recognition.

Digital Marketing for Retail No matter how customers connect with you, they expect a total experience. IMAGINIF are Omni-Channel architects developing online strategies and designs for brands and retailers. In-Store Communication Today’s shoppers have to make more and more choices in less and less time. They need effective in-store communication to help them make those choices. Simultaneously we create mood setting environments that create consumer preference and deliver success.

TRADE MARKETING IMAGINIF knows what customers and retailers want. We step beyond simply designing a display or promotion: we create the innovative retail concepts that inform, entice and surprise the customer. ROLL OUTS Multiply your success with success. Thanks to IMAGINIF's experience and world-wide network of local producers & architects we are ready and able to roll out designs on a global basis.