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We develop retail design solutions in different area's:

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We are strategic retail store designers.

To succeed a new store concept should be in harmony with a society that is constantly changing. This means linking the online world, website and social media with the "in-store experience" and vice versa. 

We call this the Hybrid Store.

We believe that successful store concepts can only be built on an understanding of marketing and styles of consumption. Only after detailed analysis can solutions be put into practice.

IMAGINIF will undertake the entire process, from analysing today's consumer behaviour, developing the strategy and conceiving the designs to directing the fit out of your store. We can help manage your project from conception to realisation.


For us, improving an existing store means conserving strengths and improving on areas of weakness. We believe in Evolution not Revolution.

We aim to keep what works and develop solutions for what doesn’t. At all times our focus remains increasing turnover at the point of sale.

StorEvolution™ is our way of updating the strategy and design of your shop. Our client record shows that StorEvolution™ methods often give rise to radical improvements in traffic and cash spend.

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A new store concept requires considering all TouchPoints in your strategy
A new store concept requires considering all TouchPoints in your strategy International Store Design International Store Design