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We are a leading european brand and retail design agency.

Founded in 1989 and located in Brussels and Jakarta. We believe in one (unique) cross channel brand identity.


Retail design

We develop retail design solutions in different area’s: new store design, trade marketing, in-store communication, retail branding, digital marketing for retail.


Understanding consumer behaviour and a changing society is our base. Our approach is down to earth, straight to the point, no long reports, on the spot. We not only talk but makes ideas and advice immediately visible by sketching them.

New business

We developed an integrated approach to start a new business from scratch. We help design it: the business model, (domain) name, logo, branding, architecture, interior design & online presence. The result is better, faster and more cost efficient.


Retailers become Brands and Brands become Retailers. Control your brand’s positioning by developing your brand’s personality, corporate image, logo design and development, tagline, and brand recognition.

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