Commercial Architecture We help your construction architect and engineers turn your building and facade into an attractive commercial environment that inspires and attracts consumers. Our architects mastermind every aspect of building and signage regulations for maximum impact to sell your product or services and support your brand image in a unique way. Retail Design We develop retail design solutions in different area's: New Store Design, Trade Marketing, In-Store Communication, Signage, and Way-finding, Roll-Outs International, Retail Branding, Digital Marketing for Retail
Tabasco Expert Advice Jean-Pierre Bobbaers has 30 years focused on design solutions for the future. Understanding consumer behaviour and a changing society is his base. His approach is down to earth, straight to the point, no long reports, on the spot. He not only talks but makes ideas and advice immediately visible by sketching them.
Graphic Design We create a unique visual and graphical language for every client. We enable businesses to project their unique identities across the borders of culture and language.

Digital Marketing for Retail No matter how customers connect with you, they expect a total experience. IMAGINIF are Omni-Channel architects developing online strategies and designs for brands and retailers. Signage & Way-finding Helping customers navigate stores is fundamental to alleviating consumer stress. IMAGINIF has a strong history of managing way-finding and signage projects with a huge knowledge of consumer behavior, store communication, and brand building.

Trade Marketing IMAGINIF knows what customers and retailers want. We step beyond simply designing a display or promotion: we create the innovative retail concepts that inform, entice and surprise the customer. Renderings We provide online architectural and interior visualization & rendering services to bring every benefit and feature of your idea, project, and product to your target client, all within your budget and time frame. Our clients include architects, developers, design agencies and manufacturer companies.

Branding & Identity Consistency is one of the most important factors in creating a brand that will really resonate with your customers. Using your brand assets on your website and social media accounts is a great to way to start developing a consistent look for your business. It's an easy task that creates a real impact! Let us make your guidelines so you save time and energy.
Digital Presence Branding Digital presence is unique and requires a different design approach. We’ve got you covered from cover to profile photos to creative pieces. We consider ourselves masters of digital presence design. We create everything from info-graphics to product mock-ups for advertisements. We know the perfect resolution for every platform be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat or LinkedIn. Our aim is to create beautiful, emotive yet functional design pieces for our clients.