Digital Marketing & Design for Retail

IMAGINIF:  The Omni-Channel architects.

IMAGINIF pioneered its first website way back in 1994.
Since then we have helped our customers to navigate the internet, online sales, and social media. Connecting offline and online marketing activities are more than strengthening brand presence. It’s about leveraging existing brand capital and assets to maximize impact. 

The time for siloed programs and disjointed collateral is over.

IMAGINIF think and act as Omni-Channel architects.

We develop strategies and designs for brands and retailers delivering customers total experiences, no matter how they connect with you.
We can help with creative approaches to help you perform better offline in harmony with all the other channels online. 

What we have done
Websites for telecom and HR companies, internal web apps for Hyper stores, strategies for instore online ordering for Home appliances store, finding short .com domain names, advise using social media in a clever way in the store. 

We can do the technical implementation ourselves or with your partners. We adapt to your wishes and needs.

Interested in this service?
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We connect the dots. One company that understands and integrates design on all levels; interior design, architecture, branding and we understand both the online marketing, social media and the latest technologies behind it.
Digital Marketing for Retail
We helped a chain of electro stores, how to use and connect via a tablet, to improve sales and customer service in the store.
iPad customer service | design by IMAGINIF
We researched and developed a simple software and hardware that gave customers the possibility to order products in the store that were not available in the store - next day pick up.
Makro web app design by IMAGINIF
We developed an internal Web app for the 10 Hypermarkets of Makro. Employees could find instructions on their smartphone how and where fill the different shelves.
Digital Marketing for Retail
The HQ of Makro could organise and input, via desktop the best practices how to arrange the different products on the shelves, by brand, price, color, features etc..
Digital Marketing for Retail
We provide social media marketing services that include: Community Management, Content Development, Ad Campaign Management, Campaign Optimisation
Houbii - social media marketing services | by IMAGINIF