Trade Marketing Concepts

In order to influence the shopper's in-store decision making brand manufacturers market to the shopper. They also equally need to invest in "trade marketing", to get support from their retailers. That support is essential, as retailers ultimately take the decisions on what happens on their shop floors.

IMAGINIF  knows what both customers and retailers want, ( and more importantly what they don't want). IMAGINIF doesn't simply supply display designs or promotion concepts.  IMAGINIF creates and develops the innovative ideas that will inform, attract and surprise your customers. Shops in shops, pop up stores, in-store events, linking the off-line with online, in-store touchscreens... just a few of the elements IMAGINIF can draw upon in the quest to help your company optimize customer satisfaction (and spending).





Trade Marketing Trade Marketing
A smart concept to entice customers to buy a combination of beer and mussels.
Hoegaarden en Mossels | IMAGINIF Trade Marketing Trade Marketing
Philips ask us to study the best way to present shavers for men. The result were communicated to different retail chains in Europe.
Philips study to present shavers | IMAGINIF