About the Food Cart project

Who will coach me?
The main person to coach you will be Jean-Pierre Bobbaers, owner and founder of IMAGINIF.
He will be assisted by the complete team of IMAGINIF.
He also will be writing an evaluation report of 3 pages during and after the project is completed.
When can I start?
You decide yourself when you start and when you work on it.
You need to post all your questions and progress of the project into Basecamp (our project management platform).
Do you get paid?
No. We do not have a budget for this since it is a community support program for developing countries.
What will I learn?
You will learn to work online in a team, how to communicate short and correctly.
You will learn to use several online platforms.


Briefing Development of a Food Cart.


Design a food cart with the product(s) of your choice that can be cheaply built with locally available materials.
Ergonomics, hygiene, easy to clean and easy to transport, are key factors.


Before you start; collect the following online information and include pictures and clickable URL's in your .pdf :

  • Research online with pictures.
  • Definitions & history.
  • Articles.
  • Drawings.
  • A list of the kind (product) food carts in Asia and Africa.
  • A list of local materials available.
  • One page with the best food Carts to your opinion.

Minimum a total of 10 pages.

Pick your kind of Food Cart.

You may pick the kind of product(s) and location where it will be operated yourself.

Define needs in a 2-page paper.

This is the most important part. Define the needs.
What it should be and what it should not be.

Define the local climate, the body height of the local people, the local ergonomics
The local food poisoning dangers and how to avoid it.

Make idea sketches of the different parts.

Study the different parts and make hand-drawn sketches of them.

Draw a concept in Sketchup in 3D.

Make a concept drawing in 3D.
After review, draw a detailed Sketchup of the full concept.
If possible make renderings of the cart in its environment. 


Draw detail technical drawings.

Make Ikea like 3D drawings with measurements to build and assemble the food cart.

Final Document

Make a lay-out in Html and pdf to present your full project, including a profile of yourself.