IMAGINIF Retail Design Pricing Support

We have a clear and simple retail design pricing structure.

We have a clear and transparent pricing structure that we use for our design services.

These are supported by up-to-the-moment reports and timesheets so that when you use Imaginif you can be sure your costs are always manageable.

€65 an hour is our flat fee for Design support. all the kinds of drawings we make. Including all the architectural drawings and graphic drawings.

Sometimes clients require more creative involvement from the Imaginif team. Some tasks like designing store elements from scratch will involve research, sketches, and multiple proposals. For this kind of work, the rate is €95 an hour.

For new clients, we offer a Try Us Out period. Up to ten hours without any obligations.

First 10 hours for free

Design Support
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Graphic Drawings
  • Photoshop Simulations
  • Guideline Manuals
  • Store Design Roll-Out
  • Project Management


  • Store Design Elements Creation
  • Graphic Elements Creation

Our Commitment

IMAGINIF retail design pricing comes with transparent budget proposals and up-to-date reporting of the work in progress. Clients receive clear time sheets on a daily basis.