An In-store Communication Roll-Out for Disney

Disney corporation asked MAGINIF to help improve their brand presence in over ten large retail chains in eighty Western European stores.

In-Store Communication Roll-Out

At this time  Disney products  were  placed in the furniture of retailers – supermarkets, electronics stores, bookstores, and audio stores. The issue for the company was that this furniture  was not Disney branded and the  products were poorly organised, providing a challenge for customers to find specific items.

Disney aimed to change the presentation of their products in each store to improve their branding, making  it easier for customers to find what they needed. To meet these objectives, IMAGINIF developed an In-Store Communication Roll-Out for Disney.

Our Deliverables

Utilising virtual simulations and  technical drawings of Disney branding  IMAGINIF created the Disney  signage to be produced by local  suppliers. Disney supplied branding pictures for IMAGNIF  for all the furniture.

IMAGINIF  then organised the products into  categories and installed the signage in each specific category to maximise shopper utility.

Graphic Design

Photoshop Simulation

Instruction Drawing


Technical Drawing

Photoshop Simulation

Results of the In-Store Communication Roll-Out

Detailed and comprehensive  manuals and guides allowed  retailers and suppliers to understand how to implement the roll-out in the client stores, saving time and installation costs.