Dear student, applicant, for an internship,

We thank you for your mail and interest in our company and team. Since many years we get several requests a month for an internship. However, since the world changes and our firm always wants to be at the edge of innovation, we work differently.
Please read the details.

Internship Online

What is an internship online, remotely?

We offer internships but not the traditional way.

We offer an internship remotely. Not every school, university accepts this. In 2011 we sold our physical office and since then we rent an office and reception service in Brussels. Only 5 min away from where we started in 1989.

So, since 2011, IMAGINIF's team works together in the cloud. We chat via Whatsapp and work together via Basecamp, a project management platform. Since this year, we also get our projects and client exclusively online and handle the project online. No more meetings IRL.

Please read this related article to get more insight into the concept of the online internship.

We offer you to work together online on community support projects.

We have two projects where you can choose from:

  1. Design a food cart for developing countries. 
  2. Design a small store, Warung for developing countries.

You can choose what kind of food or products the food cart or small store sells.

What will happen to your work and design?

Your work and drawings will be put on a webpage at our site (open source). In that way, people all over the world in developing countries can have access to it. They can use it to build it themselves. In that way, you help and we support communities in developing countries.

If you are interested, we can discuss this further via WhatsApp or mail.

Please contact Jean-Pierre Bobbaers - +32 475 23 09 64.