Why are we Unique?

Unlike other agencies that focus on one or two design disciplines, we offer a one stop solution. Our greatest strenght is Strategy & Profitability of each project with a ROI aim. The benefit for the client is that only one agency needs to be briefed and becoming familiar with the brand. This saves costs and increases the quality of the design. We are unique on the Balinese market, as an one-stop agency that focusses on profitability.

The Jakarta Team.

For the projects in Indonesia you will meet JP or Dian.
They work together as Ying & Yang and are supported by the IMAGINIF team. JP can fall back on his 30 year experience in strategy and concept building. He spend more then a year in Indonesia to study the culture and consumer behavior. He speaks Dutch, English, French and German. Dian his multi disciplne design skills and knowledge of the Indonesian market are a perfect match with JP's strenghts. His network of contractors and suppliers insure a succesfull execution of your project.

How Jakarta clients learn to know us.

Since 2016 we helped several clients in Jakarta. Typically an Indonesian client contacts us first by Whatsapp (+32 475 23 09 64). We ask the right questions to get familiar with the brand and start working out a first draft to approach the challenge. This approach is presented in a Keynote by a video link on Youtube or by Dian face to face in Jakarta. Next we discuss the approach with the client and work out an offer to meet the clients needs.

Our Expertise

Concept & Strategy
Interior Design
Retail Design
Brand Activation

Lets talk?

Contact us now by Whatsapp (+32 475 23 09 64) or mail to and we repond within a few hours, moslty right away.

HOUBII - Jakarta

Houbii is a 3.000 sqm indoor Urban Adventure Park in Jakarta (Pondok Indah) | Indonesia, that opened in December 2016. IMAGINIF helped to establish this new business from scratch. A one-year mission together with a start-up team formed by the owner.
It started with location research in Southeast Asia. Defining the commercial strategy, customer segmentation, name (.com) finding, logo creation, social media icon, visual identity, architecture, facade, routing, interior design, way-finding, web concept design, brand merchandising...
After the initial design concept the existing building needed to be renovated, so in August 2016, J.P. Bobbaers (IMAGINIF) moved to Jakarta for 6 months to work onside in the role of Omni-Architect, assisting the start-up team with different design and operational matters.
Dian Effendy (Wanara Studio-Jakarta) was in charge of the graphic designs. 
Today, Houbii is one of the most successful sport & leisure venues in Indonesia.


Gelato Secrets - Bali by IMAGINIF

Gelato Secrets is one of the most succesfull brands in Bali. The brand owns 15 stores both in Bali and Jakarta.
In 2017 we helped Gelato Secrets with Strategies For The Future: fine-tuning their brand positioning, product optimalization and store design. J.P. Bobbaers coached the owners for a period of 2 months on location in Bali to get better insights in the strenghts and opportunities of their brand.
Recently in September 2019, IMAGINIF assisted again Gelato Secrets for a new design project to be made public in the spring of 2020.