How to Choose a Store Name

Finding a name for your new business is an emotional task for many people when they start a new business.
However, it is a crucial task that should be handled rationally.

While there are many articles on the web, how to choose a name with many tips, we follow three simple rules:

-Choose a short name

-Make sure the name you choose is available as a domain name and social media platforms. If your store has the intention to sell nationally, choose a domain name of your country. If you sell international or plan to sell, find a .com name.

-Don’t choose a descriptive name like Carpetland. Such a name will be a big handicap if you ever sell wooden floors because carpets are not trendy anymore. It happened to a client of ours.
It’s better to choose a name that doesn’t mean anything and use your baseline to explain what business you are in or stand for. Over time you can change the tagline if your products or service changes, but your name and logo stay the same.

Finding an available .com domain name is difficult, we know. However, it’s still possible, we found, for example, the name

Websites that help to find and check available names:

Last updated byJean-Pierre Bobbaers on July 25, 2020