How to design a store - Start here


This article is your starting and anchor point to a practical guide for designing a store concept. We have written this as a chronological article in nine steps where several words link to other pages with a further in-debt explanation.
However, designing a store concept is not linear but a holistic exercise.

The first step is to collect information about related consumer trends, store formats, competition, possible locations, and learn about consumer behavior.
When this is done, you can use the business model canvas to map out your business idea.
Next, you need to do an exercise around the nine marketing-mix P’s including an exercise around Porter’s Five Forces

When these steps are done, you have the base to start creating a brand, which is step number three.

The following steps are to create a floorplan and mood boards to define the atmosphere.
Steps six, seven, and eight create in-store communication, the design elements, and lighting concepts.

Finally, drafting the engineering book as a base for construction.

Last updated byJean-Pierre Bobbaers on July 28, 2020