We deliver our services in the sectors of tourism, leisure and retail. Such as, retail stores, hotel shops, tourisme shops, museum shops, theme park shops and airport stores.


As our (retail) world changes, the challenges to business grow. That is why IMAGINIF developed an integrated approach to start a new
business from scratch. We help design it: the business model, branding, architecture, interior design & online presence.


There are still a lot of opportunities for retail in the tourism and leisure sector. That’s why IMAGINIF specialized in this area. Improving or creating a concept for a tourism center, airport store, hotel shop, theme park shop, or museum shop. They all enhance the customer experience.Historium in Bruges and Houbii in Jakarta, is an excellent example of how we created a real customer experience.


Our founder Jean-Pierre Bobbaers has 25 years focused on designing solutions for the
future. Understanding consumer behavior and a changing society is his base. His approach is down to earth, straight to the point, no long reports on the spot. His team makes his ideas and advice immediately visible by sketching them.


We create successful store concepts worldwide, grounded in the in-depth analysis of evolving consumer behaviour. Linking the online world, website and social media with the “in-store experience” and vice versa. We call this the Hybrid Store.We partner to design brands and bring them to life at retail. Let us help you capture shopper’s attention, sales and loyalty through insights-driven strategy and remarkable creative creations.