Visitor Center – Bruges

The Historium, at the heart of the Bruges tourist trail, presents a multi-media experience from the Golden Age of Bruges. Seven historically themed rooms with film, scenery, special effects and virtual reality headsets transport the visitor back to a day in 1435.

IMAGINIF was asked to review and re-design the visitor center in order to improve information and encourage tourists to visit this unique venue.


Starting from a customer flow analysis a completely new plan for Historium’s communication strategy was created. Written communication, images, and video presentations were all revamped. The resulting change was an atmosphere that enticed tourists to enter the building with large backlighted visuals and re-edited video trailers and an easy ticket purchase pathway.

A key challenge was to communicate clearly with an international audience in nine languages. IMAGINIF developed way-finding signage reducing text around the ticket counter as much as possible. Staff were released from having to repeatedly  explain: “What is this?”, “How much does it cost?” and were thus able to concentrate on improving the visitor experience.

Double printed image – changes magically every 30 seconds

Large 4-meter Image printed on textile – Giving tourists an idea what to expect

View of the location center of Bruges


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