A Store Design Guidelines Manual for Audika

IMAGINIF was invited by William Demant to design a store design guidelines manual for their new store concept to be rolled out in more than 30 countries. The William Demant Holding Group ( HQ in Denmark) is a leading international hearing healthcare company providing  hearing aids, audiometric equipment, and personal communication.

Retail Store Guidelines Manual - Audika

Store Design Guidelines Manual

The Store Design Guidelines Manual for Audika consisted of guidelines for the different areas and retail elements of the store.

IMAGINIF created both detailed technical drawings and the guidelines manual.

The manual allows an international retailer  “one store-look” that can be implemented in all stores world-wide winning increased brand recognition and familiarity amongst its customers.

Store Design Guidelines Manual - Audika

Our Deliverables

IMAGINIF delivered a thirty-page manual describing how Audika stores would look. This document defined the signage, furniture, floor materials, and types of lighting down to the smallest details.

IMAGINIF made visual simulations of the new look of the stores, explaining the rationale for each of the  proposed elements, materials, and positioning.

The guidelines manual provided technical drawings that allowed different suppliers in different locations to ensure the same look worldwide.

Audika Guidelines Manual Signage | design by IMAGINIF


Retail Store Guidelines Manual - Audika


Retail Store Guidelines Manual - Audika

Floor Materials

Retail Store Guidelines Manual - Audika

Results & Impact of the Guidelines Manual

For the first time all Audika stores in 30 countries (as far as New Zealand) all storefronts and interiors, now have one unified  image.
Audika raises and reinforces its brand awareness.
Audika gains a significant advantage over its competition.