Bali Retail Design: A Fusion of European Expertise and Balinese Essence. Elevating Local Brands to Global Stature.

Welcome to IMAGINIF Business Design Consultancy, where Bali retail design meets European finesse. Positioned at the intersection of global standards and local charm, we stand as the premier choice for businesses aiming to resonate both locally and globally.

Our offerings span from name ideation and logo creation to in-store aesthetics tailored specifically for the Bali retail landscape. Further strengthening our prowess in the Bali retail design sphere, we present strategic financial planning, intricate web design, and immersive online store development. Our seasoned team embodies a harmonious blend of European design principles and Balinese cultural insights, ensuring a balance of innovation and tradition.

With IMAGINIF, experience a design journey that truly mirrors the vibrancy and allure of Bali. Let's co-create retail spaces that are not just shops, but destinations

IMAGINIF is a leading European retail design agency.

As Bali’s foremost retail design agency with European roots, IMAGINIF seamlessly blends the island’s unique charm with international design standards. Serving the vibrant Bali market, we stand out as the bridge between local intricacies and global aesthetics.

We specialize in creating retail spaces that resonate with the Balinese while capturing global tastes, ensuring your store or brand speaks universally. Dive deeper into our site and see how our expertise in Bali retail design can redefine your customer’s journey, turning every interaction into an immersive experience. Join hands with IMAGINIF, and let’s craft the perfect Balinese retail narrative together.​

From captivating store designs to enhancing online experiences, we are dedicated to transforming retail experiences. Explore our website to discover how we can help you achieve your design goals and create exceptional customer engagements. Let’s elevate your brand together with IMAGINIF.

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Jean-Pierre Bobbaers
Founder - Omni-Architect

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Creative Director

The Creative Director. Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from the Bandung Institute of Technology, Dian stands out as an authority in his domain. His comprehensive skill set covers the spectrum from brand building and innovative design to producing engaging social media video content utilizing his state-of-the-art recording studio. A native of Indonesia, Dian possesses an in-depth understanding and fervent interest in Indonesian studies, history, and its rich tapestry of culture. Beyond just his technical prowess, it’s Dian’s distinctive specialties and his synergistic relationship with founder Jean-Pierre that solidify his position as an indispensable pillar of the IMAGINIF team.

Languages: Indonesian Bahasa – English.

+62 813 1474 0561

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Founder - Omni Architect

Rooted in the artistic heart of Brussels and frequently immersing himself in the spiritual allure of Ubud, Jean-Pierre Bobbaers is the driving force behind IMAGINIF as its Founder. An accomplished interior & industrial designer, his expertise paints a broad spectrum – from insightful consumer strategy to intricate brand and business design. Having traveled the globe and constantly shuttling between Belgium and Ubud, Jean-Pierre possesses a profound understanding of international market strategies, enriched by his deep appreciation for diverse cultures. His proficiency is not just limited to design; it extends to retail analysis, evolving business models, digital marketing, and ensuring a formidable online presence.

Languages: Dutch – English – French – German 

+32 475 23 09 64


Brand Strategy and Identity

At IMAGINIF Business Design Consultancy, we understand the nuances of the Balinese market and excel in crafting brand strategies tailored for success in Bali. From crafting distinctive brand identities resonating with the local ethos to honing your unique positioning in this vibrant market, we assist in fortifying your brand’s presence. Our strategic solutions in web and online store design ensure a seamless and captivating digital journey, perfectly aligning with your brand’s essence for unparalleled online traction in Bali.

Business Planning & Consulting

In the dynamic Balinese market, IMAGINIF’s business planning and consulting services are tailored to steer your venture towards success. Through meticulous market analysis specific to Bali, astute financial forecasting, and localized strategic insights, we assist you in fine-tuning your business approach. Further, our proficiency in web design and online store development ensures you establish a captivating online presence, resonating with the Balinese audience, driving engagement, and broadening your local reach.

Elevated Online Presence

Experience the Fusion of Bali’s Traditional Charm and Modern Retail Design. Our tailored solutions are attuned to the Balinese market, blending web design, online store development, and Shopify integration seamlessly. Collaborate with us to craft a holistic brand experience that resonates across both physical outlets and digital platforms in Bali, harnessing the full prowess of Shopify to captivate local customers and optimize your business growth.

Store Design & Merchandising

Boost your Bali Retail Presence with Our Localized Design Expertise. Drawing inspiration from Bali’s unique ambiance, we craft enthralling store environments that attract visitors, enhance sales, and immerse customers in an authentic Balinese shopping experience. Our approach covers everything from spatial planning and customized fixtures to evocative signage and displays. Beyond brick-and-mortar designs, we offer web design and online store solutions tailored for the Bali market, ensuring a harmonious brand presentation across both offline and online channels, maximizing your reach and potential in the Island of Gods.

Bali Retail Design by IMAGINIF