Facade Design Simulations for Shurgard

Shurgard, the US self-storage chain with over 2.000 locations, asked iMAGINIF to help them with facade design simulations. These were to enable them to realise a more powerful impact of their promotions and brand.

Facade Photoshop simulations Shurgard | design by IMAGINIF

Facade Design Simulations

We helped Shurgard with facade design simulations of over 20 locations in Europe with a more powerful branding.
Clearer branding and signage was added with the addition of the monthly promotional information.

Facade Design Simulations Shurgard | design by IMAGINIF

Our Delivery

To execute this work of facade design simulations, we initially went to take pictures of various locations in Belgium. Across France we gathered them with the help from Google Street View.
Adding the new branding style and promotions of Shurgard to the different images  enabled the client to see the empowered branding and impact. 

Facade Design Simulations Shurgard 4 | design by IMAGINIF

Existing Situation

Facade Design Simulations Shurgard 3 | design by IMAGINIF

Facade Design Simulation

Facade Design Simulations for Shurgard | design by IMAGINIF

Photoshop simulation

Facade Design Simulations for Shurgard 2 | design by IMAGINIF

Results of the Facade Design Simulations

The Shurgard European management now had an instant idea of the shape and form of the proposed development and documents to show to the different communes to pursue building permits.