A family-owned gelato business needed help. They have several tourist orientated stores, in Bali and in Jakarta. Their gelato, made with healthy, organically sourced ingredients, is very popular, but they wanted to improve their store concept and communication.

They came to IMAGINIF for help, seeking our founder’s unique and extensive knowledge of consumerism and tourism.

Jean-Pierre advised the business to target each store and change them according to their location. One in a city and one in a tourism hotspot. The plan?

Well, we worked on improving the interiors, front-of-house service, and even the presentation of the gelato varying on the two locations. Because no detail is too small when it comes to brand redesign and revamp. We even changed the menu to encourage higher sales without actually changing the prices…

(Unfortunately, we can’t reveal our trade secrets here. If you want top insider tips to help your business grow, get in touch!)