In-Store Communication Examples: Bringing Disney’s Magic to Retail

Disney, a global icon in storytelling, sought to elevate their presence across Europe by developing compelling in-store communication examples that could resonate with both young and old. Aware of IMAGINIF’s prowess in this domain, Disney entrusted us with this significant endeavor.

Tasked with the mission, IMAGINIF engaged with over ten prominent retail chains, aiming to inject Disney’s enchantment into approximately eighty distinct locations throughout Western Europe. Given Disney’s rich legacy spanning iconic characters and tales, our mandate was clear: create in-store communication examples that encapsulated this magic while remaining innovative and relevant.

The journey with Disney saw IMAGINIF craft spaces that impeccably married the brand’s fantastical elements with each store’s unique retail atmosphere. But this was more than just design; it was about establishing benchmarks in in-store communication examples. It was about illustrating how a brand’s story can come alive within a store, making every shopper feel as though they’ve been whisked away to a Disney realm.

From the drawing board to the store floor, our partnership with Disney celebrated a shared vision for excellence and innovation. Through this collaboration, IMAGINIF not only delivered transformative design interventions but also showcased tangible in-store communication examples, heightening brand allure, cultivating deeper customer relationships, and encapsulating Disney’s essence.

Today, this partnership remains a shining example of IMAGINIF’s commitment to redefining retail spaces, illuminating the industry with unparalleled in-store communication examples.

in-store communication examples

In-Store Communication Examples

In the dynamic retail landscape, presentation and placement play a pivotal role in influencing purchasing decisions. This became a palpable challenge for the renowned Disney Corporation when they noticed a glaring gap in their product placements across a variety of retail spaces – from bustling supermarkets and high-tech electronics stores to intimate bookstores and specialized audio shops.

At that juncture, a myriad of Disney products adorned the shelves of these retailers. However, the challenge lay not in the presence of these products but in their presentation. The furniture and display units housing these treasures were often generic, lacking the distinctive Disney branding. The array of products, from timeless classics to new releases, was jumbled, making it a cumbersome task for eager customers to locate specific items. This not only diluted the overall shopping experience but also inadvertently diminished the brand’s resonance in these spaces.

Recognizing the urgent need to rectify this, Disney aspired to revolutionize the way their products were showcased in each of these stores. Their goal was not just a cosmetic facelift but a strategic overhaul – one that would make their brand more prominent and simultaneously simplify the product-search process for customers.

To bring this vision to fruition, Disney turned to IMAGINIF. Leveraging our expertise in crafting bespoke retail solutions, we meticulously designed an In-Store Communication Roll-Out tailored for Disney. This strategy encompassed a series of branding interventions and layout optimizations, ensuring that every Disney product, regardless of the retail environment it was placed in, would shine brightly, beckoning customers with the promise of the magic that lay within. Through our collaborative efforts, not only did Disney products find a befitting throne in these stores, but the entire shopping journey was transformed, making it a delightful experience for customers from start to finish.

Our Deliverables

Utilising virtual simulations and technical drawings of Disney branding  IMAGINIF created the Disney signage to be produced by local suppliers. Disney supplied branding pictures for IMAGNIF for all the furniture.

IMAGINIF then organised the products into categories and installed the signage in each specific category to maximise shopper utility.

Graphic Design

In store Communication Roll Out Disney2 | design by IMAGINIF

Photoshop Simulation

In store communication roll out Disney 3 | design by IMAGINIF

Instruction Drawing

In Store Communication Roll Out Disney 2 | design by IMAGINIF


In Store Communcation Roll Out Disney 1 | design by IMAGINIF

Technical Drawing

In Store Communication Roll Out Disney 6 | design by IMAGINIF

Photoshop Simulation

In store communication roll out Disney 4 | design by IMAGINIF

Results of the In-Store Communication Roll-Out

Detailed and comprehensive manuals and guides allowed retailers and suppliers to understand how to implement the roll-out in the client stores, saving time and installation costs.

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