Store Design Guidelines for Eastpak

Eastpak, is an International lifestyle brand with a range of products including bags, backpacks and travel gear. It is part of the VF Corporation brand portfolio.

Store Design Guidelines

Eastpak Europe asked IMAGINIF to create a store design guideline manual for their new store concept.

This new store concept had to be rolled-out across both Europe and Asia.

Store design guidelines manual

Our Deliverables

IMAGINIF created a store design guideline manual for the new store concept.
This included not only the floor plans for the main store but also the “shop-in-the-shops” concept stores employed by Eastpak across their retail network.
In addition IMAGINIF created drawings for each store element with precise instructions on how and when to use them.

IMAGINIF created a system that could facilitate communication with Eastpaks suppliers in construction and sourcing.

Furniture Drawings

Furniture Drawings

Furniture Drawings

Results Store Design Manual

The store design guideline manual ensured that the roll-out in Europe and Asia was realized on time, on budget at the high level of quality demanded by the company.
It made sure that all contractors cross-continent would have access to the right instructions enabling them to produce the retail furniture according to the desired specification.