Store Design Manual for AAW

Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa Commercial Co. (AAW) is one of Kuwait’s largest trading and commercial companies and one of the leading companies in furniture, electrical appliances, and kitchens.
The AAW Home Center is the most extensive and complete home improvement store (4.000 m²) in Kuwait. AAW asked us to make their Design Manual

Store Design Manual AAW 2 | design by IMAGINIF

Store Design Manual

AAW asked us to create their store design manual after they opened their first large new concept store.

This manual had to be the base for the design of more Home Center Stores.

Store Design Manual AAW | design by IMAGINIF

Our Deliverables

IMAGINIF created the design manual that contained not only store elements such as a welcome desk, product furniture and promotion banners but also the complete wayfinding concept.

Next to these store elements we also took care of the guidelines manual of brandings such as logo use and vehicles design. We also took care of the bi-lingual aspects, like logo and main branding in Arabic.

Store Design Manual​


Store Design Manual 4 1 | design by IMAGINIF


Store Design Manuals 5 | design by IMAGINIF


Store Design Manual 6 | design by IMAGINIF


AAW In-store communication by IMAGINIF


Store Design Manual AAW 9 | design by IMAGINIF


Store Design Manual AAW 14 | design by IMAGINIF

Results of the Store Design Manual

Thanks to the design manual AAW could now implement other stores in the same design. The marketing department could use the manual as a guideline for branding in promotion and advertising.