Store Design Roll-Out for Levi’s

Levi’s Europe approached IMAGINIF to help them with the design roll-out of their new store concept.

Store Design Roll Out Levis 8 | design by IMAGINIF

Store Design Roll-Out

For the Roll-Out IMAGINIF made all the floorplans and BOQ. In total over twenty new stores were drafted in a period of only three months.

Store Design Roll Out Levis3 | design by IMAGINIF

Our Deliverables

Floor plans, wall views, Bill of Quantity and detailed furniture lists were all part of our total package. All were delivered within the limited time frame.

Store Design Roll Out Levis 4 | design by IMAGINIF

Complete AutoCad Drawings

Store Design Roll Out Levis 7 | design by IMAGINIF

Bill Of Quantity

store design roll-out

Complete AutoCad Drawings​

Store Design Roll Out Levis 9 | design by IMAGINIF

Results of the Store Design Roll-Out

By involving IMAGINIF, Levi’s could speed up its roll-out throughout Europe without the need to take on extra staff and having the confidence to be able to plan around an accelerated schedule of store openings.