The Future of Airport shops.

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Airports are ideal places to sell products as they offer lots of space for your store, huge quantities of people and a large number of potential customers. The reason airports are such good places to sell products is because they help travellers get their holiday off to a smooth start. For example, you can sell travel insurance and mobile phone chargers if the person doesn’t have these things already in their luggage. This means that a lot of people will be interested in your products when they arrive at the airport because without them they may have had problems finding these things on arrival and so you can grab a lot more sales on the fly.

Airports are also a great place to sell branded content – items such as magazines, maps, travel guides and even souvenirs. One of the best things about airports is that you can have them specifically designed for different types of travellers too. There are all sorts of airlines, so you can make the store feel like it’s a magazine from each country and cater for people with different tastes and interests.

The ideal airport shop is one that is very creative and incorporates a fun element. This will make people feel like they’re getting the best bargain because they are getting something that not many other stores offer. However, you need to make sure that your shop is designed in such a way that customers don’t feel ripped off. Your products aren’t only for first timers but also for those who have been to the airport before – they will be familiar with the layout and so you need to make sure that you design the shop in such a way that it is easy for everyone to navigate.

The most important thing to consider when selling products in an airport store is what you can offer to customers that other brands couldn’t. You want them to be able to see what sets your brand apart from the competition and makes them want to come back time and time again. One of the best ways of doing this is by displaying some of your more unique products in your airport store – this will mean people can see how original and innovative your brand is. What’s even better than this is if you can create a creative story around your products that will help people form an emotional connection with them.

Eliciting appropriate emotions

A great way of having a good relationship with customers is by letting them know that you admire their interests and want to create a long and lasting relationship with them. This means that you need to be able to spot the different groups of people walking past your store so you can target the right customers with your products. It is important you do this because there are some people who will only be in your airport store for five minutes before they are on their next flight and others who will be spending fourteen hours there, so it’s important that you cater for everyone. It is also important that you identify their particular needs and wants so you can target your products at those people: This means knowing where they’re from, how long they’re staying in the airport and what kind of person they are when it comes to their tastes and interests. 

The key elements are: 

Retail space design, product development, advertising and promotion.  

What makes you stand out? What can you offer that your competitors can’t? What is the ‘story’ behind your products? How do you want customers to feel when using your brand’s products and services? How do you want people to interact with them? How does your brand help shape the customer’s personal travel experience?

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