IMAGINIF Retail Design Support Services

Our retail design support services cover store design roll-outs, facade design roll-outs and different guideline manuals. All done with excellent project management in the background.

Store Design Roll-Out

We will help your company realise your store design roll-outs with speed and precision.

We provide your detailed drawings according to BIM standards and all the necessary BOQ documents.



Facade Design Roll-Out

IMAGINIF has over twenty years experience in facade design. For some clients we have completed roll-outs of more than a hundred stores. In France and Belgium we constructed photoshop simulations of more than twenty locations for a Shurgard redesign allowing the company to make wide scale decisions in complete confidence.




In-Store Communication Roll-Out

The in-store communication roll-out for Disney was a demanding graphic design and photoshop project. Provided with the initial images  IMAGINIF was tasked with  making a custom design for each unique piece of store furniture.


Store Design Guidelines Manual

Store design manuals are the absolutely indispensable and essential prerequisite of a successful roll-out. Our expertise in the use of logos, branding and communication gives us the ability to create clear guideline manuals that will ensure smooth and timely roll-outs of your projects.