Tokyo – Worldwide

Eastpak the lifestyle brand has a range of products that include bags, backpacks and travel gear. It is part of the VF Corporation brand portfolio.

IMAGINIF  were invited to create a modular store concept that would work for its large flagship stores as well as the much smaller  (10 m²)  “Shop in the Shops”.


The Tokyo store is located in the hyper-trendy ‘Harajuku’ district. The store design followed a global concept that was rolled out worldwide using the brand color palette of black, red and white. `It featured the red dynamic board system which Eastpak introduced to all its stores and SIS concepts.

Flagship Store – Carnaby Street, London

Stores were opened in more than 15 countries and over 50 locations. Thanks to a worldwide network of architects and suppliers IMAGINIF was able to carry out the roll-out not only quickly and efficiently, but also with a minimum of unnecessary costs. (Such as endless unnecessary plane-fares)


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